Years of Experience

Build customer experiences that stand out

At Sondos technology and consulting, we create customer experiences that boost engagement and retention to the max, taking advantage of the latest data-driven approaches.

We engineer customer experiences for what is inside people's brains

Using insights and studying user behaviors, interests and demographics, we create what people are expecting inside their heads, to make your business more impressive and likable.

What We Do


Customer Experience

  • Get unified and consistent customer experience
  • Capture real-time feedback
  • Boost Revenue

Market Research & Insights

  • Get valuable insights to make excellent business decisions
  • Get a deep understanding on your customer and competitors
  • Improve your offering based on the changing consumer preferences or market dynamics

Employee Experience

  • Improve productivity
  • Develop a high-performing culture
  • Increase employee engagement

CX Strategy Alignment

  • Manage the CX alignment process
  • Maintain excellent monitoring across multiple units
  • Provide structure and clarity of purpose for employees

Customer Journey Management

  • Measure and manage journey performance
  • Deliver on the customer intent and behavior
  • Shine in make or break moments

Quality Management

  • Defining, improving, and controlling processes
  • Reducing waste and preventing mistakes Plan changes and take actions

User Feedback


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    How Our Solutions Stand Out

    Latest and most innovative

    We are updated to the latest and best business, technology and customer experience practices for leveraging quality, improving customer engagement and boosting sales and retention.

    Inclusive and unified

    Our solutions cover entire customer journeys from learning about your business to each interaction with it, both online and offline. We also give you a full-view of this journey to support your decision making.

    For teams and decision makers

    Our solutions are optimized to help employees, as much as they help decision makers and executives. The real-time insights we provide strategically can help your teams engage with your business and its offers, and take immediate actions through their daily workflows to impress customers and raise their satisfaction to new levels.

    Strategic and measurable

    We deliver strategic solutions, in the form of roadmaps with measurable outcomes, helping you measure every return on each investment and the value of each enhancement.


    We help in filling communication gaps between customers and your business, as early as possible. This is approached through advanced efforts for gathering more feedback; reliably, consistently and with no negative impact on customer experience.

    Driven by competition

    Our strategies are not only based on your business needs and customers. We understand the full market and its players, to figure out the best ways you can compete and have edges over direct and indirect competitors.