CX Professionals


Sondos solutions are aimed at making CX professionals capable of boosting the maturity level of the organization’s CX strategy day by day, while achieving outstanding results with less effort.

What can CX professionals expect?

  • Enable easy orchestration of the CX strategy and objectives across all company departments and across the whole company.

  • Report the right metrics to the C-suite and executive team to make sure of the CX program’s success and reflect accurate status.

  • Drive change and embed customer centricity culture into your organization more effectively.

  • Show the management tangible financial results and accurately calculated returns on investments.

  • Understand customer needs, expectations, preferences, and measure customer satisfaction and perceptions at each stage of the journey.

  • Map customer journeys through visualized interfaces to track patterns and identify larger problem areas or loopholes within the organization that may be affecting the overall customer experience.

  • Track customer and prospect behavior at each touchpoint.

  • Plan and execute internal procedural transformations for better customer experience, all through a unified solution.

  • Follow up with responsible departments through a closed loop and make sure they are acting quickly on customer feedback to help solve issues faster, before they become critical problems.

  • Discover the root causes of issues to solve them and prevent future issues.

  • Listen efficiently to what people say about you and your industry on social media to keep connected to the people.

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