Ehkam School System


All over the world, schools are being closed due to COVID-19. Millions of parents are sending their kids to schools every day, with concerns if the cases are going to increase because of the interaction among others. One of the main concerns from the specialists is how we can control the spreading of the virus, as well as controlling the factors causing failure for schools reopening. It is a system that supports the government to maintain a safe and healthy school environment with complete control to any spreading might occur in any class or school and with an efficient workflow for all government stakeholders to support immediate actions and right decisions.

Ehkam Schools System Main Benefits and Features

Integration service with Ministry of Education database

Ehkam system supports API service that can be linked with the database of the Ministry of Education including all schools and students’ information in the country to guarantee the efficiency of the system workflow and data transmission from each step to another or from one application to another.

Target suspected students as a priority for examination

Ehkam system is supported with Bayanati Application which provides a digital daily health check survey to facilitate a new procedure from homeroom teacher to visually check the class students as the first step in every school morning, so the normal screening that might take place later by doctors will only target the students who have symptoms or potential to be infected.

Define targeted schools and suspected students for the field screening team

Bayanati Application sends a daily notification report for MOH stakeholders to recognize and deal with confirmed cases in a dynamic manner.

Digitalize the full screening cycle from collecting student data until generating results

Bayanati Application has digital forms that can immediately provide doctors with students needed information and log test results, and all this information will be communicated instantly to all authorities through statistical and control reports of Ehkam system.

Support Crisis Management Team to make strategic decisions of schools

Ehkam system supports viewing results according to the directorates of education to link the epidemiological situation in the district with its affiliated schools and make decisions such as closing schools or a particular classroom quickly and directly.

Integrate the normal daily PCR tests across the country with school student’s information

Ehkam system provides another channel to define all infected students by classifying the daily test results all over the country with instant reports to filter the results by school name, ages, area.

Support each school in the country to maintain a high health and safety standards

Ability to build an electronic system for inspections and measuring health safety standards regarding Covid-19 or other epidemics with a notification and school management action controlled by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

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