HR Professionals

Sondos for HR Professionals

Sondos solutions let HR professionals become capable of understanding your employees in entirely new ways to boost their productivity, development, reduce costs and make everyone part of a better business culture.

What can HR professionals expect?

  • Treat employees with the attention level of customers using multiple tools.

  • Create a better employee culture with a powerful voice of employee solution.

  • Turn employees into advocates, to boost your ability to attract outstanding talents.

  • Reduce employee churn and cut down the costs of high turnover rates.

  • Increase employee engagement, improve their performance and reduce costs.

  • Map the employee journey for different employee personas easily.

  • Gather anonymous feedback when needed, to boost transparency and honesty.

  • Access real-time analytics and monitor feedback with hierarchy based permissions for users.

  • Conduct employee surveys regularly throughout the year to keep updated to the status of each and become able to satisfy their needs.

  • Understand the effectiveness of your processes including recruitment, onboarding and other journeys.

  • Empower employees to participate in their own growth and development.

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Voice of employee platform capabilities

Recruitment, onboarding, training, engagement, & exit journeys surveys.

Automated alerts, notifications and escalations.

360 degree feedback.

AI-powered text analysis tool.

AI-Powered predictive analytics.

Action planning tools.

Role-based dashboards.