Sondos Solutions for Automotive Businesses

Sondos Solutions can help automotive industry businesses leverage strategy based customer experience management and digital solutions to understand their customers and satisfy their needs, while understanding their behaviours and their feedback on each service or products to take advantage of this data for growing in such a competitive sector. Through integrated tools, automotive business can visualise, redesign and manage all customer touchpoints in a consistent way to ensure that customer needs are met or exceeded at all stages of the customer journey.

How will your automotive business benefit?

Offer best-in-class customer experience

Continuously measure customer satisfaction, capture the voice of the customer and collect continuous feedback to improve your processes, products and services. With customer expectations, behaviour analytics, your business weaknesses and strength all in hand, you can take the best decisions for customer experience enhancement easily and take it to new levels.

Create an exceptional omnichannel experience

Our solutions allow you to bring offline and online channels together through one system where everything can be managed in one place and all insights are unified to become more beneficial for all your business departments.

Engage with every customer at scale

Whether a customer is going through digital experience, coming into a showroom or maintenance centre, talking to salespeople, having a test drive, purchasing or receiving a vehicle, getting the after sales service, or interacting with you with a simple message on Facebook, your business will be ready to leave a great impression and make this customer experience feel more personalised and satisfying than ever.

Accurately target customers and prospects

With rich customer profiles, view full details of your customers’ interactions with your business and filter customers according to any criteria you would think suitable, making your offers more personalised and relevant than ever and boosting your sales and retention rates.

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What can automotive businesses expect?

Fully featured digital platform that is crafted with automotive industry businesses in mind.

Customizable surveys with predeveloped automotive business survey templates.

Real-time notifications and alerts for any feedback according to your preferences.

Closed feedback loop with automated escalation for any negative feedback until the issue is resolved or the client is satisfied.

Integration with websites, SMS platforms, emails and more to directly target audiences through one platform and respond to their tickets or feedback.

Instant dashboards with fully customizable charts, real-time reports & insightful analytics; all optimised for automotive businesses.

NPS dashboard and reporting for more understanding of each customer.

Full support for multiple branches and locations with no scalability limits.

Support for multiple feedback methodologies via SMS, email, App, website, QR codes and more.