Sondos for B2B Businesses

Use our system to get continuous feedback from clients and generate analytics on their experiences with your business, while managing CX proactively and building stronger relationships that make you stay ahead of your competition. B2B buyers now expect the same buying experience as B2C customers. The system will enable leaders to focus their time in the right areas, and to take the actions that will make the best impact on their businesses.

How will your B2B business benefit?

Build successful B2B CX

We help you in developing valuable customer insights that aid your B2B customer experience strategy to achieve short and long term goals. By understanding what is in the mind of your clients and using continuous feedback, you will be able to satisfy them better than ever.

Provide personalized B2B experiences

Treat B2B customers as individuals and to deliver personalized experience for each person representing one of your clients. We will help you provide helpful and relevant experiences with minimal complexity and maximum time saving.

Meet the sophisticated needs of business customers

Deliver value for your B2B clients even when you are interacting with numerous decision makers by utilizing automation, data analytics and AI. The system will classify the different personas and will help you put each of them at the core of what the company does to go beyond customer satisfaction and deliver a great and consistent experience that stands out.

Boost your employees productivity and motivation

Engage and empower employees so they provide better services for the customers and go above and beyond their expectations. With a fully automated process that helps your employees to take remedial actions shortly after a problem has occurred, with higher productivity, less redundant tasks and minimum time.

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What can B2B business expect?

Mapping customer journeys specifically and generally.

Customer profiles with account type and ability to link all the accounts of decision makers and influencers.

Customized surveys tracking for different online and offline channels.

Use AI-powered text analytics to identify and address customer issues before they escalate.

Publish surveys instantly or schedule them.

Ability to view CX results by the different segments, transactions, customer types, products, employees… etc.

Send survey invitations by SMS through integration between the organization SMS provider and Sondos system, or deliver it as a pop-up message on the organization website or mobile application.

Integrated data model with the ability to link customer attributes to specific responses.

Customizable role-based dashboards.

Full case and ticket management system with systematic workflows to facilitate managing customers problems and dissatisfactions, with automated alerts and escalation workflows.

A portal with unlimited users and role-based permissions.

Host data on cloud through a SaaS model, or store it on-premise.

Integrate the solution with other systems & exchange data smoothly between different systems.