Financial Services

Sondos Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Sondos provides an end-to-end solution for finance organisations of all sizes, empowering them with the innovative digital solutions that ensure they are highly competitive and providing the best experience to their individual and corporate customers. The solutions are focused on boosting loyalty and satisfaction of customers through a fully automated system that analyses customer interaction and feedback; and helps you make informed decisions based on the finest details of customer behaviour.

How will your business benefit?

Seamless customer and employee experience

Customers can share their thoughts and opinions about their customer experience with the bank easily, with various tactics being implemented to increase the number of customers responding to your surveys to make them more useful and accurate.

CX strategy aligned with business goals

Align the cx strategy with the strategic goals of your financial entity in both short and long terms, while utilising actionable insights at every stage to ensure you are on track and become able to report everything in detail.

Omnichannel customer experience management

No matter what channel your customers are using, the omnichannel approach to customer experience management provided by Sondos solutions will help you have more visibility than ever, while having data that is accurate enough to enhance your decision making. The solutions support every way for asking for feedback, while we do it smartly with best practices for boosting the number of respondents and maximising the amount of data you gather.

Faster response for better results

Sondos solutions allow you to respond to incidents, tickets and feedback faster than ever, with everything being routed to the best person automatically to help resolve customer issues in the shortest possible time and impress them to become your brand promoters.

Bank CX maturity level assessment

Sondos consultants will support you to measure the bank CX maturity and learn how far your business is from being a real customer-centric one, and how your technology, processes and employees of various departments are performing for this matter.

Prediction and financial forecasting

Our system goes beyond just measuring the relation between customer and organisation, as it provides financial forecasts for potential decisions that you can make, to help you decide while visualising each route and expecting the impacts of every change.

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What can financial business expect?

Map and visualise the experience of customers to detect the weaknesses and strengths in your processes, products, services and teams.

Create engaging and smart surveys with high response rate whether through online or offline channels including in office or branch, contact centre, ATMs, mobile banking and other finance apps, IVR and websites.

Structure the system freely by branch, group of branches, region, country, or even by channels.

Create rotational surveys based on each customer profile to boost response rates.

Integrate the system with other platforms easily and transfer data seamlessly with no limitations.

Filter CX results by different segments, transactions, customer types, products, employees and more.

Add users with specified permissions and roles according to their responsibilities and scope of work.

Publish surveys instantly or schedule them for any time.

Send surveys through SMS, websites, apps and more using a single solution provided by Sondos.

Utilise our AI-powered text analysis engine to predict potential customer issues before they escalate.

Manage cases and tickets systematically and with smart routing to resolve customer problems with more efficiency and higher satisfaction rates than ever.

Link customer attributes to their responses easily to make more use of data.

Customise dashboards easily with pre-designed ones for executives, managers and other roles.

Host the solution through our cloud with a SaaS model or purchase it and use it on-premise with data stored on your business servers.