The Best Member Experience Management Solution for Sports Clubs and Fitness Businesses

Sondos provides systems for managing the experience of sports club and fitness center members, and measuring their feedback on each specific service. The system monitors the contact points between the club and its members, according to the latest international regulations in the field of sports clubs, to add more value for the members and increase their loyalty. The system is tailored for any club or center that is keen on meeting the needs of its members, as it enables the club to make responsive and continuous improvements, which, in turn, retain members’ loyalty. It further helps sports clubs offer a premium experience that encourages the members to share their positive impressions with their friends and families, which reflects in higher membership numbers and profits.

How will your fitness business benefit?

Measuring member experiences

Measuring the extent to which members are satisfied and the accurate feedback about the services and solutions provided can help sport clubs deliver premium and unprecedented experience, while having full control over each interaction.

Doubling revenue

Members spreading positive word of mouth can help you organically grow your membership count and provide a steady cash flow to the club, also by retaining existing memberships.

Improving work efficiency

Automating workflows and enabling instant communication between administrative departments in the club can help in making each process faster and each customer experience better. Instant notifications, real-time monitoring implemented and automated escalation all help in making workflows smoother and more effective.

Increasing membership count

Gyms and sports clubs can take advantage of our solutions to increase the percentage of new members, by knowing why the potential members did not join the club after the induction tour and retaining existing membership when renewal time come.

Find out the reasons for leaving the club and canceling memberships

By classifying the reasons for which the participants are leaving the club, you can make more informed decisions to reduce the number of members who leave, while comparing your analytics with the ones of your competitors to understand your alternatives in the market like never before.

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What can fitness business expect?

Access feedback forms for all communication channels.

Create branded survey designs, with the club or center’s brand look and feel, and with full support of all channels.

View full customer profiles with advanced profile segmentation and analysis, in addition to the ability to define different customer personas.

Use measurement tools that reflect each member’s experience accurately.

Control the performance of trainers and employees through integrated dashboards in the system.

Digital platform that allows decision-makers to monitor the quality criteria over multiple periods

Instantaneous analysis of the submitted issues and routing them to the concerned departments.

Tracking the actions that are taken concerning the submitted complaints and notes.

Sending instant alerts to the concerned parties in the club.

Digital forms and performance auditing criteria on the level of service, maintenance and cleanliness.

Linking each manager to the respective criteria, based on job responsibilities.

Dynamic dashboards to display club-wide performance results, branch details, geographic location, membership type, service type, club administrative divisions and more.

Electronic screens to record the implemented actions, in case of correction.