Sondos Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Sondos provides customer experience solutions designed to help healthcare providers capture patients' feedback and make this feedback as usable as possible for enhancing patient experience and boosting their satisfaction rate, to grow the healthcare business organically and boost its brand strength. Every member of your teams from the frontline and support staff to physicians and executives can benefit from the insights and enhance the patient experience according to their contributions to it and their daily practices. The solutions are focused on enabling you to have a unified view of the entire patient journey by integrating feedback from digital and non-digital channels and using them in meaningful reports designed to aid your decision making with AI algorithms. The system helps healthcare providers satisfy patients and engage them constantly to show that they value them and to make them more comfortable and that they will do what it takes to please them along their journeys.

How will your healthcare business benefit?

Meet patient expectations

Reduce the gap between patient expectations and the actual experience you provide and make patients feel more engaged while knowing what is in their minds with continuous feedback. A positive patient experience supports the health and wellness of the patient and the success of your healthcare business.

Adopt a caring culture

Shift the hospital culture to a more patient-centric culture with innovative approaches that leverage patient experience, service quality and patient engagement; while taking full advantage of digital platforms and what they can tell about your patients.

Get a unified view of the entire patient journey

Ensure end-to-end communication with patients at every stage of their journeys while easily identifying what questions to ask and what to measure about their interactions and feedback.

Make employees happier

Our solutions are also focused on making you retain a happy workforce and reduce employee churn and turnover, which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and to attracting new top talents.

Improve return on investment

Sondos solutions let you boost the return on your experience enhancement investments while having the required metrics to measure the return of each investment as accurately as possible.

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What can healthcare businesses expect?

Collect real-time patient experience feedback across all of your digital or non-digital channels including patient room QR code, phone calls, SMS, kiosks, face to face interviews, mobile app, emails and website.

Map different patient journeys (inpatient, outpatient, day case..etc).

View patient experience results and filter them by different segments, departments, products, employees and more.

Manage workflows and support tickets efficiently while routing each problem to the best possible person to solve it all automatically.

Link patient attributes to their responses and utilise AI to make more use of your data.

Add an unlimited number of users with permissions and roles according to responsibilities.

Utilise AI-powered text analysis to identify and address potential patient issues before they escalate.

Integrate the solutions with other systems and pull data to or from anywhere.

Store data freely and securely on our cloud servers with a SaaS solution model or host the system and its data on-premise.

Customise surveys and make them cover all hospital services (for example: Emergency, laboratory, radiology, endoscopy…etc).

Customise dashboards according to the user role, with pre-created dashboards for executives, department-based dashboards and more.