Sondos for Hospitality Businesses

Hotels are a place where you need to provide excellent service, personalized interactions, and moments that truly impress your guests and leave them craving more. Sondos solutions will boost your efforts to deliver an exceptional guest experience, manage the feedback of your guests, and cater the key moments to their needs to turn them into advocates. This can only be achieved by capturing guest feedback at hotels and resorts at every touchpoint and creating brand equity that drives prolific results, from positive online reviews to higher retention rates.

How will your hospitality business benefit?

Create memorable, more personalized guest experience

Use our system to create a multi-year transformation strategy and boost the feelings of luxury, pleasure and superior guest experience for your guests. We enable you to focus on your customer needs, go beyond a standard service to deliver great hospitality and excel at creating memorable experiences that make you stand out in the sector.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Sondos solutions are created to make your guests loyal and help you raise retention rates. Use our hospitality solutions to stay ahead of the fierce competition of the industry and retain long-term customer loyalty amid the constant fight over delivering high-quality services.

Improve the guest journey

Create a distinctive guest first impression. Map and customize the guest journey during the key moments at the hotel from the check-in to the check-out. This includes the guest time inside the room, at the hotel restaurants, at gyms and spas, at the pool, conference rooms, banquets, and many more.

Control and improve guests digital experience

Our solutions will help you create user-friendly apps or websites, providing easy navigation, with a quick and simple booking process. A consistent outstanding digital presence is important, so we will help you create a best-in-class one.

Omnichannel customer experience

Capture your guest’s thoughts when they’re still fresh and direct them to your website or app. Using an omnichannel approach to reach customers on all channels will help you integrate the touchpoints together to provide a consistent experience through the whole journey and raise satisfaction levels.

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What can hospitality businesses expect?

Mapping all different guest journeys generally or specifically with deep details.

The system supports collecting guest feedback through different methods including QR code, tablet surveys, SMSs, emails, room smart TVs, and guest relations officers.

Customized system structure by hotel level, property, multi properties, regions, countries, or channels.

A portal with unlimited users and role-based permissions for various responsibilities.

Guest feedback management system which sends direct notifications to the in-charge person of each department to handle the guest complaints and take instant actions, with the ability to escalate to the high-level management.

Customizable role-based dashboards with real-time data.

Supports integration with other systems & pulling operational data from and to different business systems and tools.

AI-powered text analysis tools to identify and address customer issues before they escalate.

HTML based personalized reports by email, with the ability to schedule periodically.