Sondos for Insurance Businesses 

Sondos insurance solution uses data to create better experiences for insurance buyers, embed AI throughout your customer journey to generate predictions, implement intelligent workflows to boost efficiency, and use personalized messages to meet customers on the right channel at the right time. The system allows insurance companies to build business relationships and design products and services that deliver excellent customer experience. The insurance types covered include, personal insurance, property insurance, car insurance, health insurance, casualty insurance, marine insurance, fire insurance… etc.

How will your insurance business benefit?

Create a customer-centric strategy

Sondos solutions will help you put the customer at the heart of your organization and provide a positive customer experience pre-service, during service, and post-service. This allows you to boost customer loyalty and business growth and reduce churn rates, with better visibility of each content practice for better customer experience and its outcomes.

Redesign your customer journeys

Our platform will enable you to map and monitor customer journeys and see your services and products from a customer perspective across multiple channels and touchpoints. By directly linking this knowledge to your internal departments automatically, your employees can make better decisions to optimize customer experience, and focus on customer needs.

Manage omnichannel customer experiences

The omnichannel approach will help you to integrate all insurance touchpoints together to provide a consistent experience for a unified customer journey. Through our system you will be able to capture feedback right after every customer interaction and translate the results into usable analytics automatically. You will be able to use different traditional and digital channels to ask for customer feedback, including your website, social media, emails, apps, SMSs... etc.

Engage your employees

Listen to your employee’s voice through our system and help them develop as the business grows. With our solutions, rest assured that your employees don't feel left behind by providing the training they need, making them feel motivated and supported so they can do the best they could to satisfy your customers.

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What can Insurance business expect? ​

Mapping customer journeys generally and specifically.

Customizable surveys for different online and offline channels.

Customizable system structure by company level, branch, region, country or channel.

Customizable dashboards with pre-set templates for various roles.

Full case and ticket management system with systematic workflows to facilitate managing customers problems and dissatisfactions.

Ability to filter CX results by different segments, transactions, customer types, products, employees… etc.

Integrated data models with the ability to link customer attributes to specific responses.

Automate alerts and escalate issues that are not resolved quickly.

Integrate the solution with other systems & exchange data smoothly between different systems.

Host data on cloud through a SaaS model, or store it on-premise

Use AI-powered text analytics to identify and address customer issues before they escalate.

A portal with unlimited users and role-based permissions for each account.

Rotational survey features based on the customer profile with the ability to measure one question at a time.

Ability to schedule surveys.