Sondos for Telecom Businesses

We support telecom companies with the right solutions to understand their customer expectations, deliver more personalized and consistent experiences, gain deeper insights on customers and employees, and provide fast resolutions to their challenges and service issues. Our telecom solutions result in improved customer retention, reduced customer and employee churn, and greater business success. We support you to succeed in the highly competitive telecommunication industry, and to delight your customers. while taking advantage of various technological advances.

How will your telecom business benefit?

Create customer journey excellence

Capture and map the entire experience of customers with your organization and monitor all customer activities and touchpoints with your organization to help create better experiences. Through capturing feelings toward the business, finding patterns, drop-offs, skipped steps, repeated steps, pain points, and more, your business can gain many opportunities for growth and success.

Deliver quick and easy services

With Sondos telecom solutions, you will get to know whether your customers are at ease with the process you offer. You will give your customers more room to interact with your telecom business to capture their feedback at every point in the journey from online to offline channels. We will support, apply and control your omnichannel engagement strategy and help you engage your customers effectively to enhance their experience and to provide consistent services across all touchpoints and channels.

Understanding customer preferences

Our solutions will help you understand your customer preferences, anticipate their needs and deliver a service that exceeds their expectations. At some point, you will be able to cross sell and upsell new services.

Leverage the power of big data and analytics

Sondos will support your telecom business in analyzing data related to customers regularly using AI and data analytics tools to find out if strategies and tactics work as planned and discover new opportunities.

Provide closed loop services

Closed customer feedback loops help you monitor, identify, adjust and optimize the provided services and issues related to them. Our AI-powered solution will allow you to deliver proactive customer support that allows you to detect customer issues and get in touch with them, even before they contact your business.

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What can Telecom business expect?

Sondos system unifies all channels to help boost your customer-centricity with one management tool. You can get customer feedback via SMS, email, mobile apps, customer care, website, branches/shops, e-shops, IVR, chatbot, online chat, social media and more.

Branded and responsive survey designs, with the company brand look and feel; and support of multiple platforms.

Dashboards with integrated CX analytics with the ability to filter by metrics-based segments.

Automatic alerts and multi-platform notifications with suggested actions.

Detailed customer journey analytics and reports.

Create workflows and trigger automatic actions based on survey responses.

Full customer profile with advanced segmentation features and the ability to define customer personas automatically.

Dynamic survey builder.