Sondos for Marketing Professionals

Sondos solutions are crafted with your marketing teams in mind, aiding their decision making and understanding with powerful insights and automating their repetitive tasks with automation tools to help them focus on more important tasks.

What can your marketing departments expect?

  • Enhance brand perception and word-of-mouth marketing outcomes as marketing teams will be able to understand and track brand perception through accurate metrics.

  • Collect more feedback from customers to understand each of their experiences and transform this data to usable insights that can be easily translated to actions.

  • Gather opinions of customers on specific products and services, pricing, customer service and more, to be able to identify pain points and strength points to manage priorities properly.

  • Create engaging surveys that are fully customizable according to each objective, and be able to manage the whole process in one place.

  • Cut down marketing costs and boost the number of retaining customers and their purchases.

  • Enhance the customers digital experience and achieve full visibility into their online interactions on every channel.

  • Generate leads and increase referral rate by turning customers into brand advocates and reducing churn.

  • Access data in real-time enabling you to make faster decisions, with enhanced segmenting for users and customers also in hand.

  • Utilize the power of AI to conduct predictive analysis and boost decision making speed and predict customer behaviors to outstandingly satisfy them.

  • Offer more personalized experiences by understanding each customer in more depth.

  • Access 360 degree customer profiles to support targeting and other marketing activities.

  • Make communication with customers more efficient without being generic or affecting content quality.

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