Customer Feedback Management

Make feedback more usable and controllable than ever

Sondos CFM is an end-top-end customer feedback management platform offering full case management that covers customer feedback, intelligent alerts, automated tickets, escalations, root cause analysis; all delivered with a focus on enhancing decision making and resolving issues that concern customers.

What will the benefits be?

Track tickets to resolve them quickly and assign them to the most relevant team members.

Record, control, manage, and report all customer cases & feedback from different channels in one professional system.

Improve customer satisfaction through better handling of issues.

Turn detractors into promoters by immediately alerting the right person or team to respond to customer feedback.

Capture root cause issues across different channels, so you can identify and prioritize where to focus customer experience improvements.

Enable employees to easily respond and communicate with the customer with the right action and with a room for freedom and problem solving.

Predict what customers will do next to take proactive decisions.

Ensure that customer issues are being efficiently handled and resolved through role-specific workflows, push notifications and automated escalations.

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What features does the platform offer?

Automatic triggers for converting customer feedback to tickets smartly and automatically.

AI powered escalations system for resolving more issues effectively.

Employee productivity monitoring with clear metrics.

Attachment support for documents, records and images.

Intelligent automatic alerts via push notifications, SMS, and email distributed by department, agent availability and relevance.

Smart and automated cases classification according to their importance and severity.

Integration support with the organization system and CX KPI’s.

Closed loop system features with intelligent alerts and tickets.

Full root cause analysis module with every required feature.

Case management reports & dashboards with summaries and predictive analytics.