CX Platform
Full-fledged, 360° customer experience management

Sondos CX Platform is one end-to-end solution for managing customer experience digitally in one place, automating workflows, communicating efficiently and generating insights and reports that enhance decision making and help in taking each customer experience to the highest level with minimal effort and full visibility.

Easy integration

Our CX management solution integrates easily with business systems to become part of them, through pre-built APIs that are fully supported.

360° CX tracking

Sondos CX platform offers one place for tracking the experiences of your customers, with features to track behaviours, emotions, cases, requests and more; all through customer profiles and advanced search and filtering.

Smarter workflow optimization

Through many features, Sondos CX platform helps in making workflows faster and more efficient than ever. Support tickets are powered by AI and ML for smarter routing, data is monitored for errors and compliance issues in real-time, while quality management processes are standardized and automated.

Advanced reporting and analytics

The powerful analytics generated by our platform include web behavior, voice of the customer (VOC) and business analytics. The analytics can be transformed to automatically generated reports and are accompanied by actions suggested by our AI engine to support your decision making.

Full flexibility

Our CX platform is built to offer every customization feature that would help in making it tailored for every business. You even have the freedom to use it as a SaaS platform or an in-house software owned by your business.

Personalized, omni-channel surveys

This feature allows you to send customized surveys that customers will love to fill. Each customer is targeted with the survey smartly to get the highest rate of replies. The surveys can be managed across multiple channels at once in one place.

Proactive real-time feedback

Our CX platform can make your processes and decisions more practice and engaging, with feedback being reflected in real-time and with no waiting durations at any stage. This gives the ability to make faster decisions and close deals before the competition.

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