Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Customer satisfaction is a customer experience metric that helps your company measure how satisfied your customers are.

What is CSAT?

Customer satisfaction is a customer experience metric that helps your company measure how satisfied your customers are when it comes to your products and services. It helps customers share their experiences freely and lets the company learn how customers feel about their business. 

What is the CSAT standard question?

The CSAT surveys are usually conducted after certain customer interactions, to measure their satisfaction with a particular product or service and their overall experience throughout the interaction.
Customers can rate their satisfaction on a rating scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being “very satisfied” and 1 being “very unsatisfied”. CSAT questions could be:

  • “On a scale of 1 to 5, How satisfied are you with your experience with us today?”
    1=Very unsatisfied
    5=Very satisfied
  • “On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with our (product/service)?”
    1=Very unsatisfied
    5=Very satisfied

Additionally, including an open-ended follow-up question for the customers who respond with low scores will allow you to identify the reasoning behind their dissatisfaction.

“What’s the main reason behind your feedback?”

What are the benefits of CSAT?

CSAT survey marks one of the most beneficial tools in customer experience, and it helps you:

  • Understand customer needs and assess how well you meet customer expectations.
  • Improve customer experience and loyalty.
  • Identify what customers think of your products or services.
  • Gain insights into customer journeys to create better experiences and generate better ROI.

When to send CSAT surveys?

Customers should receive a survey asking them to rate their level of satisfaction after a certain interaction, so that their experience is recent and fresh in their minds and they can give honest and unbiased answers.

How to calculate CSAT?

CSAT scores are usually expressed as a percentage scale, with 100% for total customer satisfaction, and 0% for total dissatisfaction. CSAT targets vary from one industry to another. However, a good CSAT score is usually between 75-85%.

The equation is: (Number of satisfied customers (Responders who choose 4 or 5)/ Total number of survey responses) x 100 = CSAT (%).

For example, if you had 15 positive responses out of 20 total responses, your CSAT score would be 75%.

15 / 20 x 100 = 75%

How to interpret the CSAT results after survey and data collection?

  • Recognizing trends and fluctuations to determine whether you are on the right track or there are gaps in your customer experience system.
  • Identifying the reasons behind the low CSAT score through open-ended questions and following up with the dissatisfied customers.
  • Keeping customers engaged and involved to show them that you care about their feedback.
  • Helping employees and stakeholders to dig deep, act and optimize the customer experience.
  • Performing segmental analysis, with the ability to categorize the data by company, product, service, staff, nationality, age group, gender, transaction, among others.
  • Benchmarking your CSAT results with your competitors.

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