Survey Builder

Your one-stop survey manager

Sondos Survey Builder is a web-based survey platform that helps in creating surveys easily, customizing them, facilitating their delivery to customers through many features and helping you track the results of surveys and benefit from them.

How do you benefit?

Craft engaging surveys and gather accurate feedback from your customers, users or prospects.

Design, send and analyze surveys online with minimal effort and cost; and on one platform.

Get analytics and reports directly through your dashboards.

Reach high numbers of respondents and increase the survey response rates by sharing the survey through multiple channels from email to social media directly through the platform.

Create different survey types for different objectives to generate better results. This includes customer satisfaction surveys, employee pulse surveys, market research surveys, NPS relational surveys; and new event or product surveys

Make better decisions with real-time insights and reports you can generate in seconds.

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What features do you get?

Drag and drop survey creation with pre-created templates for assistance.

Multiple question types including opinion scale (excellent to bad, 1-10), multiple choice, yes or no, picture choice and more.

Expert-written sample questions to include in your surveys.

Customizable introductions and Thank You pages, with pre-created templates.

Multi-language support for regional or international businesses.

SMS, email, URL, QR code and more ways for sharing surveys directly.

Smart automation tools to automate workflows. For example by limiting the number of responses for each criteria, limiting submissions per user, allowing users to edit & resubmit the responses, allowing survey randomization and more.

No-limit survey customization to be aligned with your brand colors, themes and fonts.

Download support for all data to save it aside or use it on another platform.