Customer Journey Platform

Relive your customers’ experiences like never before

Sondos Customer Journey Platform is a one-stop solution for understanding client or customer interactions and visualizing their experiences with your business. The solution is built to suit every business of any size and in any industry. The solution gives you insights on the journey of your customers that were never possible before.

How can it help?

Get a full big picture of the journey of customers with your business, while analyzing emotions, pain points, moments of truth, which are all shared through meaningful context in the insights.

Shift to a more strategic approach for designing services and products relying on the whole journey of your customers instead of standalone insights.

Achieve better alignment between departments with better visibility into customer interactions at each touchpoint.

Identify lost opportunities and utilize this knowledge for creating better experiences with high ROI.

Connect data from multiple systems and use multiple research methods to boost your visibility into customer journeys.

Detect deep patterns that help in understanding customers better and knowing their thoughts, motivations and fears.

Assess performance over time and detect the impacts of each change and decision you make.

Simulate entire journeys and paths with smart algorithms and AI powered tools at your disposal.

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