360 Employee Evaluation

Evaluate employees with crystal-clear insights

Sondos 360 Employee Evaluation is a full-fledged platform that helps businesses have better visibility into the performance of their employees by collecting a variety of voices and opinions, and using them together with metrics to figure out the transparent performance of each employee and the workflow bottlenecks need to be resolved.

How will my business benefit?

Prepare responsible leaders for the future of your business in the most effective way and identify the right choices for potential ones.

Boost employee engagement with your business by understanding their needs, fears and motives better than ever.

Use the AI powered engine with algorithms for combining engagement and performance data to show you who’s at risk of leaving and why to avoid losing your best employees.

Save time and run a smooth and easy 360 degree employee feedback solution with transparent results.

Gain instant insights on what behavior adjustments and new skills your employees need to become more productive and competitive.

What features do I get?

Anonymous responses for employees to boost credibility, honesty and transparency.

Interactive dashboards that allow managers and employees to see results of specific evaluation for better visibility.

AI powered algorithms to predict employee turnover based on feedback and other data.

Prebuilt surveys with ability to fully modify and customize them easily when needed.

Development plans support subsidiary goals, tasks and due dates.

Automatic reminders which are sent to employees to automate the gathering process.

Easy and continuous monitoring with real-time analytics and reports.

What competence measures are taken into consideration?

  • Engagement

  • Direct Management

  • External Orientation-Customer Focus

  • Empowerment & Involvement

  • Relationship with Coworkers

  • Senior Management

  • Growth & Development

  • Work-life Balance, Satisfaction & Diversity

  • Performance Management

  • Internal Processes

  • Pay & Benefits

  • Innovation & Change

  • Managerial Effectiveness

  • Recognition & Celebration

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