Employee Journey Feedback

Manage the journey of employee from first to last day and unlock huge opportunities

Sondos EJF is an integrated platform for managing feedback from employees and their experiences during the total time that they spend with your company, from the hiring process to offboarding. It covers every step and experience of an employee, visualising their journey with your business to be able to improve and control every aspect and stage of it for them and future employees.

How will my business benefit?

Have a holistic view of the workforce and visualise the journey employees from their points of view.

Build powerful organisational culture to boost engagement, retention rates, productivity, lower recruiting costs and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

Create better learning and development programs that are more personalised for each employee than ever.

Analyse different stages of employee journey (Recruiting, Intern, Onboarding, Engagement, Training, Career development, Exit).

Measure and improve the overall employee experience and achieve EX excellence.

Measure and manage employees career milestones, for example the first job interview, first performance review, department changes, team events, promotions and exit interviews to make employees feel more engaged and included.

Gain valuable insights that will make you understand your employees and their experiences, emotions and behaviours.

Predict and fix employees’ problems, frustrations or pain points.

Develop and retain a happy workforce and reduce employee churn and turnover, while attracting new top talents.

Enhance your employee connection and collaboration by encouraging every manager to meet with team members on a regular basis and hold valuable discussions.

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What features do I get?

Visual, interactive journey maps with valuable metrics.

Employee profiles with full information about employees to measure their experience across the different stages of the journey.

Customizable dashboards and advanced search and segmentation filters.

Advanced reports that show the key drivers of employee engagement and loyalty.

Prebuilt survey templates to continuously gather feedback from employees.

Real time data and insights for faster decision making.