Market Research & Insights

Get deeper onto your market with insights that were never reachable

Detailed market insights from multiple sources offer broader understanding of your market, with context that makes information valuable and usable. Boost engagement, make your marketing core relevant and acquire new customers with the power of data.

Get a deep understanding of your customers and competitors

With data streams incoming from the analysis of your customers and competitors and each of their interactions, you can have better, more detailed segmentations that give you deeper understanding than ever.

Improve your offerings based on the changing consumer preferences

Continuously updated data enables your business to adapt rapidly to emerging trends and optimize your offers according to evolving consumer needs.

Instant insights and analysis

Our solutions guarantee that surveys are easy to launch and results can be accessed in real-time through integrated dashboards.

Assure higher quality data

Sondos Technology's solutions will ensure that your data quality is high using qualitative and quantitative research tools (CATI, CAPI, CAWI), in addition to automation tools facilitating data quality control.

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Digital Research Platform

Digital Research Platform

Research Tools

Research Tools