Digital Research Platform

Take your market research to a whole new level

Sondos DRP offers a unified solution for conducting market research to fit the different business needs and get real time insights, all with the required efficiency and digital powered acceleration. Whether you want to conduct market research to understand your customers (purchasers and consumers), your company and product service related aspects (product design, promotion, pricing, placement, service and sales), or your competitors, the platform can fully satisfy your needs.

How will your business benefit?

Deliver prompt answers on the most urgent research questions required to make decisions.

Lower the cost of your market research by unifying the used tool and automating research workflows.

Make effective decisions on product development, customer experience and satisfaction; and more.

Raise data quality and make it more accurate and reliable to use, with less bias.

Analyze the outcomes of your decision immediately with real time insights and reports.

Assign tasks and set policies to ensure you are closing the loop and effectively using data to positively impact your business outcomes.

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What features will you get?

AI powered text to graph engine for automated report generation.

Data auditing tools to maintain the quality and reliability of your data.

Survey pretesting features to test surveys before sending them to your entire audience.

Ready preset questions and survey templates to speed up your work.

Customizable reports and dashboards for various uses.

Fully featured survey builder with multi survey question types that fit any objective.

Data export for usage outside the platform or with other tools.

Integration support with external CRM and ERP systems.

Digital calculator to provide you with correct survey sampling size of your research including confidence level and margin of error.