Internal Audit Management
Fully handle and accelerate auditing with one solution

Sondos Quality Management System (QMS) is an integrated solution for managing internal audits, maintaining quality of workflows and monitoring impacts accurately and more efficiently than ever.

How do you benefit from the platform?

Evaluate the actual performance of employees in various departments and compare it to plans and best possible results.

Validate that the quality metrics implemented by the organization remain relevant to the strategy and how you results are aligning to the strategy.

Ensure that the systems you use are reflecting positively on customer experience and satisfaction.

Review system records efficiently to ensure the integrity of each specification.

Identify vulnerabilities and potential risks for various departments to proactively solve problems and make mitigation plans.

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What features do you get?

Real-time data flow, web-based platform

Real-time updates with automated notifications can help boost the productivity of collaboration, and the flexibility of a web based solution makes it accessible anywhere on any device.

Audit form builder

The form builder tool is simple to use & can help you create a form in no time. This form builder feature allows you to customize your forms freely and send them automatically to the targeted people.

Automated quality management workflows and notifications

The platform provides visibility into quality metrics and analytics that are never possible to generate with paper systems. This can be a huge step towards making your organization a results-based one.

Real-time risk management or focus area

Sondos QMS system can enable organizations to take a proactive approach to risk management through dedicated modules that utilize AI and machine learning technologies. This can enhance decision making and risk mitigation in many ways.

Advanced reporting tools and customizable dashboards:

End-to-end performance reporting covers people, process, and the entire product lifecycle; with tools for automating report generations and creating advanced charts. With customized dashboards, any view can be created to monitor metrics that matter most continuously.

Action and change management features

An effective change management module is integrated into the Sondos QMS platform to help your business in managing quality and efficiency through the most complex business workflows.