Quality Professionals


Sondos Solutions provide quality professionals with a unified system for managing quality related aspects more efficiently and effectively.

What can quality professionals expect?

  • Automate quality management and have a clearer big picture of the organization’s internal processes quality.

  • Reduce time waste and increase the effectiveness of internal audits, while evaluating how much the brand standards are really applied.

  • Use fully automated and cost-effective digital tools to identify and discover your strengths, weaknesses, risks, and to set the required training programs to enhance quality.

  • Get access to dashboards rich with analytics and generate detailed reports automatically.

  • Communicate with concerned departments according to a systematic action plan.

  • Synchronize between online and offline work easily to be able to work at any time.

  • Compare the business with different entities in different periods to benchmark your quality.

  • Provide digital checklists for each department with clear criteria for you to measure quality related aspects according to predefined priorities.

  • Follow up using effective mechanisms that give you more control over operation quality improvement.

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