Automated teller machines (ATM) and interactive teller machines (ITM) are some of the most useful technologies today. An ATM is an electronic banking outlet that allows customers to complete basic transactions without the help of a branch teller, while an ITM enables customers to perform these basic transactions but also allow them to engage in deeper, more personalised banking activities with remote tellers who might be located in a centralized call centre elsewhere. Besides dispensing cash, some of the more unique transactions include ordering of replacement cards, process savings bond redemptions, advise on credit card applications, open or close accounts and more.

Challenges Faced by Customers Daily with the Digital Teller Machines

Banks face challenges daily and so do their customers. Some common problems faced by the customers with the ATM/ITM machines include having their bank card declined or retained by the machine accidentally, an unclear voice from the teller machine, not getting receipts or slips of their account balances at the end of their transaction, and the inability to withdraw the cash in the denominations of their choice – for example, they need ten dollars, but all the ATM/ITM machine has at that moment was twenty dollars.

Banks can use the ATM/ITM machines to deliver an incredible customer experience if they can find a way to track customer satisfaction and rectify problems immediately when they occur. Here’s where Sondos CEMMS comes into play. It can be used to measure your customer experience, improve customer relationship and achieve your financial objectives by linking your digital teller machines with our system.

Digital Teller Machine

The Sondos Advantage

Sondos CEMMS provides a smart solution that’s integrated with your bank’s business system and that’s also consistent with its strategies and goals. It also has an automated and responsive smart monitor where you can watch what’s happening in real-time, with analytics and customer feedback updated instantly and sent to the bank’s management.

For example, after a customer has finished his transaction on the ATM/ITM machine, a customer satisfaction survey will pop up and ask: “How was your experience with this ATM/ITM service?”, with a scale of 1 to 5 for him to choose his satisfaction level. If the customer chooses a negative rating like 1 or 2, Sondos CEMMS will immediately send a notification to the bank’s officer-in-charge who may then decide on the right course of action, such as calling the customer immediately to solve his problem. This will help steer the customer’s opinions to the bank’s advantage. Here’s a little video for you to understand the process:


This funnel is important because we need to capture that customer’s experience instantly, communicate with him based on his feedback and keep him satisfied. It is even more critical with VIP customers as the bank can use the power of Sondos CEMMS to deepen the bank’s communication and relationship with them, and this is likely to result in more advocates for the bank’s products or services.

This smart solution is designed to help banks like yours monitor customer satisfaction easily and improve your profitability. Get in touch with us to learn more about Sondos CEMMS now!